CAI IT Software Solutions

Project 1

Online Retail Management

Project 3

Software Development

Project 2

Transportation Management

CANAM IT represents the fruitful symbiosis of two companies-Montgomery software and Canamind Business Services/SoftTrac Inc. Each of these had their own strengths and their distinct areas of expertise and were brought together under the CANAM umbrella in late 2001.

1. American General Insurance, Houston.
2. New York City Board of Education
3. Jones Business Systems, Houston TX.
4. PAG Consulting Inc, Houston TX.

CANAM IT has a highly developed proprietary approach that combines the use of white box testing and formal verification techniques. Our service will pay for itself, as we will catch bugs early in the software life cycle. Several authoritative studies have demonstrated conclusively that the cost of a software fault is much smaller in the early stages of the software life cycle.

CANAM IT Approach combines the best part of big four consulting global offshore companies, mid-size companies, innovative start-ups, not-for-profit and community improvement organizations: We bring to the table a team that understands your industry. Gets excited about it and offers a solutions that make sense- helps you stay competitive in the digital economy.

Other Services are:

1. ERP Solutions
2. Banking and Finance
3. Legacy Systems/Migration/Conversion/Integration
4. IT Strategy Consulting
5. Project Management
6. Application Development
7. Customer Support Centre
8. Web & e-Commerce Service
9. Website Administration & Maintenance