News and Events

24Jan, 2019

India Endowment Fund

@ Canam Main Office 11.00 A.M.

Incubating India Endowment Fund, a US $100 Million Seed Capital Fund.

05Oct, 2018

Institutional Investors Consulting Company

@ Canam Main Office 10.30 A.M.

Nalina Pillai is associated with Institutional Investors Consulting Company of Houston as a Managing Director

17Aug, 2018

Testing Laboratory, as its CFO

@ Canam Main Office 02.00 P.M.

Management of a testing Laboratory, as its CFO in Environmental, Micro Biology, Food, Oil and Inspection of goods

30Apr, 2018

Enterprise Solutions

@ Canam Main Office 04.00 P.M.

Managing and marketing of software for enterprise solutions for laboratories and industries.

03Feb, 2018

Indian Gas Ltd, Indian Power Projects Ltd

@ Canam Main Office 11.30 A.M.

Incubating Indian Gas Ltd, Indian Power Projects Ltd and other projects in India.

11Nov, 2017

GSX International Group Inc

@ Canam Main Office 01.00 P.M.

Associated with GSX International Group Inc for all of its projects.